Once upon a time, I updated my Netflix queue with movies from the AFI’s List of the 100 Greatest Movies that I hadn’t seen yet.

The Graduate, at #7, was among those, and can now be crossed off the list.

A few observations:

1. Simon & Garfunkel. They had me at “Hello darkness my old friend.”

So good.

2. Ben drinks Olympia beer. Which I don’t know if I would have even noticed had I not just had a conversation about Olympia beer last week. Random much? We were out and a couple friends were drinking it. I had never seen it before and asked if it actually came from Olympia which led to a convo wherein I learned that it used to, but now it doesn’t, and it’s somehow related to Lone Star beer. I’m a good listener.

3. I beg you please, Mrs. Robinson. Do something about those tan lines! They are so distracting.

4. Sometimes young Dustin Hoffman looks like a young Tom Cruise. And that chest? And those abs! The sighs kinda weirded me out tho.

5. Does Mr. Roper always play a mean landlord?

6. Attn: Spoiler alert. So, a man chases after a girl, begs her to marry him, eventually hunts her down at her wedding, sneaks into the church, and disrupts the ceremony. If a woman did that, we’d be all, she’s a crazy psycho! But a guy ends up with the girl. And we think, so romantic!! Am I right? We’re even ROOTING for him!

7. I liked the movie anyway.

8. I fell in love with the Taft Hotel, which was actually the Ambassador Hotel. The Ambassador Hotel was closed by the time I moved to LA, and most of it was demolished a short time later. Sadface as scenes from a couple of my favorite movies – as well as my favorite Kennedy – were all shot there.

9. Every time Ben’s dad spoke I had a flashback. Sometimes it was Knight Rider, sometimes it was Boy Meets World. All times it was awesome.

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2 Responses to Plastics

  1. I think this film has aged poorly. I didn’t really enjoy it.

  2. stamp price says:

    "I just want to say one word to you. Just one word: plastics." – Calder Willingham, The Graduate

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