Fake Volcanoes and Monkey Bridges

I took French through high school and college, which made living in Paris back in 2006 a lot easier, and helped a great deal a couple of weeks ago in Haiti. It’s a beautiful language, and I have no regrets.

That being said, I just read about this awesome hotel in Chile. I want to go to there. So I went to the website:

The pictures are amazing. But it’s all in Spanish. Except for the check-out time. I get it, be out of there by 11a. I can also decipher the services. A bar AND mini golf? Sign me up. And I get the feeling I would be all over “baños en troncos centenarios con aguas naturales climatizadas.” Using context clues and similar French words, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about hot tubs with “naturally-climatized” water. Ooh la la.

The place sounds like it’s secluded enough to be a huge pain and very expensive to get to, but it’s going on the to-do list anyway. I’ve yet to go to South America, and wasn’t particularly interested in anything specific, you know besides the usual suspects: Machu Picchu and Brazil.

I guess I’ll have to get all Rosetta Stone about it. Or start hanging out with some Spanish speakers. Luckily that’s not a hard task here in southern California.

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