Pumpkin Waffles

This morning I was supposed to go to Runyon Yoga for the first time, but I slept in instead, which gave me a great excuse to pull out the old Belgian waffle maker and celebrate the veterans.

It may surprise you to know that I love kitchen gadgets. This waffle maker was a gift probably about 10 years ago. It lives in a cabinet with my fondue pot and mandolin slicer. I’m very much a scrambled-egg person, but every once in a while I like something different. Some new friends recently sang the praises of the TJ Pumpkin mix, so I decided to try it.

Despite my aforementioned love of kitchen gadgetry, I do not own a microwave. So I had to melt the butter the old-fashioned way. Surprisingly, I didn’t burn it.

I got these glass mixing bowls because that’s what they use on cooking shows. And sometimes – even as an adult – I like to play pretend.

Once I mixed the wet ingredients into the dry, it looked a lot like vomit. Perfect! Luckily it smelled a lot better. And yes, I use a measuring cup as a ladle. I don’t really eat soup so I’ve never had a need for a ladle. I am thinking I might try to snag my mom’s old white plastic Tupperware measuring bowl with a spout when I’m home for Christmas. For memories sake. When I was little and it was my dad’s* turn to make supper, it meant we were either going out (White Castle), getting pizza, or having pancakes/waffles. They had a sweet orange square waffle maker. I remember sometimes getting to have waffle ice cream sandwiches for dinner. Cool parents alert!

I bet these pumpkin waffles would make AWESOME ice cream sandwiches.

The finished product! I just used regular syrup and it worked. (I had briefly panicked that pumpkin pancakes needed a special topping.) And yes, I eat most of my meals on my couch.

*My dad is one of several veterans I’m especially grateful for today. My brother also served. As did one of my uncles, my granddaddy, a couple of my exes and many great friends I’ve met through those guys over the years. Thanks everyone for the sacrifices you make. I’d make you all waffles any day.

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